Eppchez Yes

Eppchez Yes

City: Philadelphia

State: PA

Languages: English, Spanish

Personalized Affiliation: Quaker

Spiritual Spheres: Eco/Nature-based, Interspiritual, Judaism, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent

Category: Spiritual Companion, Life Coach

Email: eppchez@gmail.com

Phone: 267-571-6725

Website: http://www..darbgarb.com

Focus Area: BIPOC, Creative Arts, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, European Cultures, Latin American Cultures, LGBTQIA+, Non-Traditional Healing

Social Media:

Profile: I am an artist, worldbuilder, and designer. My offerings as a spiritual companion are as a gender doula, and as an accountability partner for repairing the harms of White supremacy culture. As a gender doula, I walk with and bear witness to gender-expansive and trans people throughout their process of self-discovery and self-determination. When we go through a gender transition there are so many aspects of life that reveal themselves as needing to be held with compassion and considered anew. I am still growing in my practice but I hope to be a caring and deeply listening companion through all the things that may surface during your gender journey: from what clothes to wear and how to wear them, to relearning how you access intimate pleasure in a changing body, or dealing with the cruelty of strangers. I would be honored to sit with you, holding space in your life to listen for the divine direction of your unique corporal vessel and reminding you to breathe as you give birth to yourself. As for my other offering, I'd like to make my context and relation to the work clear: I am a settler on this continent, an ethnically mixed person who is most often racialized as White, and someone with considerable class privilege. Due to these unearned advantages, I feel both a responsibility and a spiritual imperative to face and seek to abolish the culture of White supremacy that is so pervasive in almost every institution I have encountered – and in myself. Racism (a lie, and distraction from the love of the divine) was created as a justification for the violent institutions of slavery and native genocide from which most of the world's wealth was extracted. So many of the choices we make every day are still based on this foundation of nonconsensual, harmful, violence against black and indigenous people and against nature. When we learn to see these actions as choices that uphold patterns of oppression it becomes possible to listen for a different path that leads towards healing us all. So I offer my services for people needing companionship on this life-altering journey toward repair from the harms of White dominance. We all need compassionate support and the space that may open us to the creative possibilities of spirit/love/God. It will be a blessing to be with you in your discernment of the path to heal each other and our planet. As an example of what this accountability work has meant in my life, I will always redistribute the money I make from anti-racism work to Black or Indigenous people in my community.