Ben Shoup

City: Northfield

State: MN

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Interfaith, Interspiritual

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 616-745-2209


Focus Area: Dreamworker

Social Media:

Profile: Ben offers spiritual direction because he loves how the Mystery intersects with and invites people to live fully. He has been a pastor since 2013, a directee since 2017, and offering direction since 2020. Ben sees spiritual direction as the art of consistently reorienting oneself to the Mystery that holds all life together, is uniquely imprinted on the center of every person, and invites cooperative living with everyone. As a director, he views himself as a highlighter that directees bring to their dialogue with the Mystery. As Ben and directees attend to deep desires and impulses, directees grow in awareness of where their heart and the heart of the Mystery interpenetrate. Those experiences become guides given to the directees as each one chooses how to navigate life in union with the Mystery. Ben’s training is in the Christian tradition, and he would love to get to know and travel with you through your tradition, or lack thereof, if you welcome him as a learner in the direction process. He works with individuals and groups. He has also consulted with many churches seeking ways to rediscover their most deeply held values, searching for staff, conversing through periods of conflict, grieving significant losses, or developing conversational skills to aid group facilitation and individual care. If you find yourself curious about spiritual direction but have questions, Ben would welcome a free conversation to investigate with you. He looks forward to connecting with you.


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