Who We Are: Healing, Alignment, and Purpose for Spiritual Directors & Companions

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Pain and suffering are some of the most thorny issues we face spiritually and can provide some of our deepest invitations for growth. Join Sarah Cledwyn starting September 4 for this 4-part webinar to explore the pathway home and its obstacles.

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Who We Are

Healing, Alignment, and Purpose for Spiritual Directors & Companions


Sarah Cledwyn


September 4, 11, 18, 25, 2024

9AM – 10:30AM PDT 
12PM – 1:30PM EDT 

Find your own local time here


6 hours (total)

Webinar will be recorded.

How do you access your deep belonging and authenticity that is the most true expression of your soul, and how do you bring this holding into spiritual companionship? 

You were born a gift and a possibility.  You came here as life’s longing for itself.  Are you fully living the gift that you are?  Are you fully receiving what Life has to offer you?  What do you do with separation and pain; yours and others?  What do you do with the brokenness of the world and your very own brokenness?  How do you access your deep belonging and authenticity that is the most true expression of your soul, and how do you bring this holding into spiritual companionship? 

Join Sarah Cledwyn as together we re-member our place in the Universe. 

Our connection to the whole opens the spring of wisdom and guidance as we navigate a world that looks broken, harsh, and unstable.  We will explore the healing impact of life’s Source as it flows through us and how to access and maintain connection to the truth of our belonging as we hold a healing space for others to belong to Life.  As a mystic and a healer, Sarah has deeply explored throughout her life what constitutes true transformation and spiritual awakening.  This has prompted study and practice in embodied spirituality, the experience of connection and disconnection and practices and attitudes that open us permanently to more life and love. 

In this webinar series, we will:

Join Sarah Cledwyn in a transformative journey for spiritual directors and spiritual companions. Together, let’s rediscover our innate belonging and authenticity, guiding others to do the same. Explore practices that foster healing, transformation, and harmony as we navigate life’s complexities. Let’s dream and embody our purpose, embracing the wisdom and guidance of life’s Source.

In this four part webinar will move between experience/insight and a zoom out into frameworks and understandings and back.  Ultimately we will explore ways to hold space that foster the most potent and impactful experience for those we companion and direct.  We will connect to our deepest knowing of belonging, understand the mechanisms that operate in the human being to create feelings of separation, choose the best posture to address what is at hand and open to what is larger, more true and more beautiful. 


Session 1: Connect

We know that we can only companion others to the depth we have traveled and experienced ourself. In this session we will expand our own connection with Source as we savor where we embody and express our own unique flavor of Life Force energy.  We will also unearth the invitations and limitations that are a part of our story as a gentle opening to deeper communion with the Great Mystery of Life.  Our session will include the framework for and impact of this kind of re-membering on the space and potential of spiritual companionship.

Session 2: Disrupters

Keeping touch with the experience of Source we explored in session one, we will explore the primary experiences that foster separation and a sense of disconnect for people.  We will specifically look at the differences between pain, suffering and trauma. What is going on in these experiences from a spiritual lens? How can we can accurately detect what is happening with our directee or in ourselves? What spiritual practices or techniques can be used to address the experience that is happening and hold a skillful space for re-connection and transformation?

Session 3: Embed

What happens when we don’t metabolize what has been separate with the larger holding of Life and Love?  Taking the connection of session one and enhabiting that larger space of belonging, we will explore the unraveling of our disrupters as they open to the movement of Life.  Perceptions and perspectives can make the difference between being embedded in the wholeness of Life or the experience of disruption being embedded in our body and being.  These pockets of separation in our tissues create alternate universes of misunderstanding that feel real, but are just unprocessed pockets of energy that we can get captured and caught inside of.  As spiritual guides and companions, identifying these pockets and embedding ourselves in the larger truth is especially important to open the possibility of transformation and the liberation that comes from dropping the concepts and wounds that keep us caught. 

Session 4: Align

When we are in deep connection and alignment with Life, the mundane can light up with the miraculous wonder of its own unfolding.  In session 4 we will open to our deepest and highest intentions for a life lived completely in harmony and in service of Love.  This is first our work, to say yes, to find what already remembers the truth of our belonging.  This work is to let go of, drop and disavow all that comes between us and our conscious moving with Spirit as it flows through us.  When we tend this first work, the second work is accomplished by itself, that love moves through us and makes a bridge, an invitation, an open pathway for the alignment of others and the whole body of Life.  At its best, this is the ideal we aim for, allow for and cultivate as we offer ourselves as spiritual guides and companions.  At the end of this session participants will leave with their own potentials clear as we celebrate this life we have been given and the aspirations we hold for our clients and the world.


The webinar series will run 4 consecutive Wednesdays: September 4, 11, 18, 25, 2024 – 9 AM PDT.

Find your own local time here.

This series has been scheduled to be convenient to as many people around the world as possible. With that said, if that timing doesn’t work, you can enjoy the webinar any time you like.

Each session is recorded so you can watch at your convenience.


Sarah Cledwyn

Sarah Cledwyn is a mystic and dreamer. She has been a full-time spiritual director and energy healer since 2016. Sarah is fascinated by transformation and spiritual practice and finds dreaming, biospiritual focusing, embodiment and the natural world to be anchors of her spiritual life. Sarah works with one-on-one directees, groups, and leads courses and retreats. For the next two years she is assisting in a Lilly Grant designed to introduce contemplative practices to congregational life. Find out more about Sarah at her website at https://www.sarahcledwyn.com.

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