Spiritual Direction Supervision with Lucy Abbott Tucker – Spring 2024

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Join one of SDI’s most beloved wisdom teachers on a 10 week online exploration and celebration of the work of spiritual direction, and of the life of the spiritual director, through the teaching of the vital accountability practice of supervision. Begins February 26, 2024.

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Spiritual Direction


A 10-Week Online Course with Lucy Abbott Tucker

Lucy Abbott Tucker, SDI co-founder and worldwide expert on spiritual direction supervision, is offering the SDI community her latest 10-week online course on supervision, to begin on February 26, 2024. This is a chance to join one of SDI’s living wisdom teachers and dive deeper into a subject at the heart of our calling.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”  I might translate this is the realization that I am never a perfect spiritual director and supervision is a tool that keeps me responsible to my own growth as a spiritual director.

Lucy Abbott Tucker, November 2021

Engaging in sessions with Lucy is always a joy, as she brings enthusiasm and curiosity to her courses. Anyone who has gotten to know Lucy over the years knows that she is continually finding new insight and discovery in her approaches to teaching Spiritual Direction Supervision.  These include the offering and receiving of self-care, hints to giving and receiving feedback, secondary trauma, and new models of supervision. If you’ve done Supervision Training before, you will learn new things. If you’ve never done Supervision Training before, you will find immense growth, support, and care for your spiritual direction or spiritual companionship practice. Now, supervision training is for all spiritual directors and spiritual companions.

What is Spiritual Direction Supervision?

To put it simply: Supervision explores the experiences of a spiritual director or companion, to support their care and growth in service of those they accompany. Supervision focuses on the spiritual director so they can better serve those they accompany, and their relationship with God, Allah, The Universe, or however one refers to the Ground of All Being. Supervision is a contemplative, sacred process undertaken individually or in conversation among multiple spiritual directors. The process invites the spiritual director to take time to explore what is beneath the surface: to better understand oneself, to discover how best to accompany seekers, and to acknowledge how Spirit is present and active in the spiritual direction relationship. The goal of supervision is to assist the spiritual director to become more supportive and skilled in accompanying others on their spiritual journeys.

The Importance of Accountability to One's Practice

Supervision supports the spiritual director through continued care and growth in vocation, calling, and skills as a spiritual director. Spiritual directors are people with personal gifts and challenges who are affected by their own feelings and experiences, as well as those they accompany.

Spiritual directors and companions are committed to ongoing education, self-care and spiritual care. In supervision, the spiritual director through continued care and growth in vocation, calling, and skills as a spiritual director or spiritual companion, and to explore the shape, depth and breadth of their work or ministry. 

Supervision is a relationship in which the director or companion can explore their growing edges, challenges and leadership skills. Some supervisors also support spiritual directors or spiritual companions with some of the practical and professional aspects of offering spiritual direction or companionship.

For a more thorough overview and examination of the ethics and aspects of the work of a spiritual director or companion, please see SDI’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

What is Supervision? (Video)

Why is it important? (Video)

Taken Lucy's Supervision Course Before?

If you’ve participated in a Supervision Training with Lucy before and are asking, “What’s new?,” you’ll appreciate the short story from Lucy in the video below:

What to Expect


Ten live weekly 2-hour courses, Mondays, 8am-10am Pacific (10am-Noon Central, 11am-1pm Eastern) beginning February 26, 2024. Use this website to look up your specific date/time based on your time zone.

Exact dates and outline below.

Students can participate live or watch at their convenience later.

Course Outline

All sessions are Mondays at 8am Pacific Daylight Time / 10am Central Time / 11am Eastern Time.

February 26 – Principles Central to Supervision

March 4 – Definitions and How They Function

March 11 – The Continuum of Relationships and the Place of Supervision

March 18 – Stages of Supervision

March 25 – Some Models of Supervision, Part 1

April 1– Transference and Counter-Transference and Self-Care

April 8 – Some Models of Supervision, Part 2

April 15 – Peer Supervision Groups

April 22 – Transformation and Changing God Images

April 29 – Readiness to be a Supervisor




24 CEU credits available.



Lucy Abbott Tucker

Lucy Abbott Tucker has been a member of SDI since its inception. She began her ministry of spiritual direction at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership, Chicago. She worked there preparing women and men for the ministry for 32 years. Since 2015 she has been doing freelance work in spiritual direction and supervision. She believes spiritual direction has the power to help heal our world and values the opportunity to support spiritual directors in this work.

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