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SDI Encounters is our on-demand audio show, with episodes released weekly. The show offers a wide range of perspectives, stories, and conversations centered on spiritual direction and spiritual care. These shows are permanently hosted on our website, as well as numerous podcast aggregators like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

  • Ad duration will be about 15 seconds
  • Minimal work on your end – simply write the text you want for your ad, and our announcer will read and record it.
  • Every ad will be preceded by the announcer saying something along the lines of: “Support for SDI comes from…
  • Your ad will be played no less than 2000 times, across all SDI Encounters episodes.

SDI Encounters Deadlines

Please give two weeks lead time for ad submission to be recorded.

SDI Encounters Ad Requirements

  • Do not send us an audio clip/file to play, just send us text.
  • Roughly 40 words equals around 15 seconds of audio.
  • Send your text to podcast@sdiworld.org after you’ve purchased the ad.


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