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Advertise on the SDI Encounters Podcast

SDI Encounters is our on-demand audio show, with episodes released weekly. The show offers a wide range of perspectives, stories, and conversations centered on spiritual direction and
spiritual care. These shows are permanently hosted on our website, as well as numerous podcast aggregators like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

  • Ad duration will be about 20 seconds
  • Ads will run at the beginning of the podcast (called a “pre-roll”)
  • Minimal work on your end – simply write the text you want for your ad, and our announcer will read and record it.
  • Every ad will be preceded by the announcer saying something along the lines of: “Support for SDI comes from…”

SDI Encounters Rates

$99 per ad spot (Ads typically run for 4 weeks)

SDI Encounters Deadlines

Two weeks lead-time are needed to record your ad after receipt of your text.

Please make note of the week you want to run your ad to start running by placing a comment in the notes field at the bottom of the checkout page.

Ad Requirements

  • Do Not send us an audio clip/file to play, just send us text.
  • The text needs to be formatted as: TIMES NEW ROMAN @ 16 POINTS AND ALL CAPS
  • Seven lines of text in the above format equals roughly 20 seconds of audio.
  • See our Advertising Guidelines Document for detailed requirements.

Terms and Conditions

See our Advertising Guidelines Document for Terms and Conditions.

How to submit your ad

Submit your ad to [email protected] along with your order # which is on your receipt.


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