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Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with spiritual companions from around the world!

We are working with an event management app called Whova that offers some really compelling opportunities for exhibitors to reach more people, and have an even greater return on your investment. SDI will set up a centralized location on the event website for a “virtual exhibitor hall” where attendees to browse exhibits, ask questions, and make purchases, and where you can gather leads.

What will your virtual booth be like? 

  • Each exhibitor will get a profile with space for a head shot, photos, videos, a poster and/or a logo. It will be easy for attendees to ask questions and get more information from you.
  • It will be easy for you to upload videos, even hold virtual coffee chats while live streaming
  • You can showcase your products or your offerings and build connections with attendees through the virtual meetups option. You can even host a virtual leisure activities, like a wellness class or make a presentation. (These would not be sponsored by SDI, but you can arrange their own Zoom space for people to learn more about their product or offering and promote it at your booth)
  • You can offer promotional materials to our virtual “swag bag” like online coupons, an ebook, or a free trial of services. It will be easy to track usage and follow up afterwards.
  • You can create promotional offers and advertise these offers through your virtual booth.

Additional benefits of going virtual…

  • You’ll have access to some really helpful data about our attendees. You can browse the attendee list and their profiles, and this will help you target relevant people. You can even send them private messages.
  • Your exhibitor profile will stay open for weeks after the conference, allowing attendees to go back and reach out to booths they missed during the event itself.
  • There are lots of open booth hours! Significant un-programmed breaks are worked into the conference schedule during which time attendees are encouraged to browse exhibitor booths, but they can visit you anytime because the booths will be open and available 24/7 during the conference, not just during the active “conference hours.” So even during the early morning and late evening/night, people can still access the exhibitor booths and view their videos, download promotional material, etc. (Like people in different time zones in the US and overseas.)

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