2021 Conference – Virtual

Venus Plan (Student)$499.00 From : $399.00
Neptune Plan (Standard)$499.00 From : $399.00
Jupiter Plan (Enhanced)$499.00 From : $369.00
Cosmos Plan (Premium)$499.00 From : $339.00

Instructions: To purchase, please make your workshop selections below. Once you’ve made selections, your final Conference price will be displayed. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed with purchase. Additional details can be found below.


For detailed descriptions of the Conference, the Presenters, the Institutes, and the Premium Workshops see our conference page here: https://www.sdicompanions.org/sdi-events/conferences/conference-2021/

Remember to also select an Institute or Premium Workshop if you would like to add something for the Tuesday before the conference proper starts.

NOTE: Since the Premium Workshops and Institutes all occur on the same day, you can only pick one from these two categories. You either pick a Premium Workshop OR you pick an Institute, you can’t pick one from each category. Unless you can be in two places at once… If so, please contact the office as we have much to discuss.

2021 Tuesday Institutes Link: https://www.sdicompanions.org/product/2021-conference-tuesday-institutes/

2021 Tuesday Premium Workshops Link: https://www.sdicompanions.org/product/2021-conference-…remium-workshops/

Conference prices are discounted for SDI members

Venus (Student)$399
Neptune (Standard)$399
Jupiter (Enhanced)$369
Cosmos (Premium)$339

NOTE: You can pick one workshop from each of the eight (8) sections below. If you want some breathing room during the conference you can also select the NONE option under each of the sections. For detailed descriptions of the Conference Workshops see our conference page here: https://www.sdicompanions.org/sdi-events/conferences/conference-2021/

Wednesday – Saturday Workshops (Eight (8) Workshops FREE with Conference Purchase)

Workshop #
Workshop Name
Day 1 MorningWednesday
A1None’s, Done’s, those hurt by religion
A2Internal Family Systems
A3Rumi, Hafiz, Rabia, Qur’an
A4Unashamed Body: Techniques Healing
A5Pilgrimage of Companionship, Celtic Imagination
Day 1 AfternoonWednesday
B1Dreams: Portal Divine
B2Making Decisions: Ignatian Discernment
B3Ten Zen Ox, Teresa Avila
B4Inner Spirit, Understanding Heart
B5Ancestral Healing
Day 2 MorningThursday
C2Role Playing Games
C3Blind Spots: Enneagram
C4Contemplative Spirituality, Sexuality
C5Spiritual Direction Children
Day 2 AfternoonThursday
D1Civic Imperative Spirituality
D2Soulful Aging: Four Path
D3Sorrow Unmasked: Journey through Grief
D4Nonviolent Communication
D5Preparing for Pilgrimage
Day 3 MorningFriday
E1Dreams: Portal Divine
E2East-West: Sanatan Dharma
E3Alice in Wonderland
E4Examine Play Dough
E5Companioning in Wild Spaces
Day 3 AfternoonFriday
F1White Privilege Spiritual Quest
F2Innovations for Expanding Spiritual Companionship
F3Body, Soul, World
F4Here and Wow: Digital Age
F5SoulCollage® Self Discovery
Day 4 MorningSaturday
G1Making Sanctuary
G2Forgiveness and Dying
G3Body Compass
G4Four Worlds Approach
G5Self-care through Arts
Day 4 AfternoonSaturday
H1Transformation and Risk
H2Mindsight: Interpersonal Neurobiology
H3Feminine Wisdom Muslim Mothers
H4Serving from Within
H5Mystery Workshop – It will be a surprise!


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