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We are an inclusive, global learning community that advocates for and celebrates the service of spiritual companionship, also known as spiritual direction, spiritual accompaniment, and spiritual guidance.


SDI exists to support, educate and connect spiritual companions, spiritual directors, life coaches, chaplains, health care workers, and many other friends, providing a digital community where companions can find one another. 


All are welcome the way they are, carrying their own orientations and  traditions (or none), where we all benefit from sharing our practices, beliefs and rituals. Here we share universal human values of love, compassion and respect.

Welcome to our new SDI Website!

We have been working several months to bring you this new, streamlined website. We hope that you will be nourished in your spiritual companionship practice by the variety of offerings provided here. If you’re new here, we invite you to read through the pages in the ‘About’ section at the top. If you’ve been with us awhile, we’ve created an FAQ for some of the new things going on here. We are so glad you are here! (Also, we’re still working out a few bugs – thanks for your patience!)

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The Latest News From SDI

New Supervision Workbook

NOW SHIPPING. We are pleased to be offering the new Supervision Workbook by Lucy Abbott Tucker. Explore the principles, practices and stories of master teacher and SDI co-founder Lucy Abbott Tucker as you deepen your own approach to spiritual direction supervision.

Receive the Call

Join Rabbi Amy Eilberg for a 12-session deep-dive into the calling of spiritual companionship - exploring social justice, wisdom as it emerges in our time of crisis, and loving-kindness meditation. 4-session options are also available.

SDI Coordinating Council Statement - June 2020

"With growing concern and deep dismay, we have watched the escalating events of the last week, beginning with the horrifying killing of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis, and now encompassing peaceful protests and violent riots, throughout the US, and worldwide....

Who is a spiritual companion?

Spiritual companions support people on their spiritual journeys through life.

Spiritual companions are welcoming and present with those they companion, listening and responding without being judgmental.

Spiritual companions are contemplative and honor silence as a spiritual practice.

Spiritual companions recognize the agency of the people they companion.

Spiritual companions are intuitive spiritual friends — accountable and compassionate, hospitable and open, loving yet independent.

Meet a few Spiritual Companions

Lucy Abbott Tucker

Spiritual Director

Lucy has been training spiritual directors in supervision for over 30 years. She is a founder of SDI.

Imam Jamal Rahman

Interfaith Minister

Imam Jamal is an imam, teacher, spiritual director, and tours the world as part of the InterFaith Amigos.

Eric Massanari

Eric Massanari

Spiritual Director and Chaplain

Eric is a spiritual director, and a chaplain at an adult long-term care center in Kansas, walking in companionship with residents, their families and friends.

Find a Spiritual Companion

Locating and interviewing a spiritual companion, chaplain or life coach is an important step in your spiritual journey. SDI’s desire is to provide an easy, inviting way for seekers to connect with a spiritual companion, to find a training program and/or a retreat center. We also help existing spiritual companions find supervisors and additional training resources. 

Learn from Our Community

Spiritual direction or companionship inspires people to experience authenticity in their lives as they connect with and explore the ground of all being, that deepest of truths which is beyond life and death and goes by many names, including God, and no name at all.

The spiritual companions of SDI share their stories on our blog. Receive nourishment, learn a new practice, and gain insight into the healing modality of spiritual companionship through one of the stories shared below.

Seattle’s CHOP – When Protest Becomes Community

Beyond the physical, CHOP is a rite of mourning. It is not a sad funeral. Rather, it is a boisterous and rowdy wake – a testimony to the will of those still alive, demanding to be seen and heard. It is the concretization of the ideals of Hope and Equity – a modelling of an alternate reality to the capitalist world.

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I am a spiritual midwife. We co-create rituals that help you deepen and honor the turning moments in your life. We explore together where you are turning towards that which opens you to something new, or away from something that you no longer need. Whether it be a child, animal, house, body, moment, or whether it be a separation, a death, a transformation. We honor, celebrate, grieve, deepen.

“I Am a Spiritual Midwife”

I am a spiritual midwife: I listen to your words and your body. I ask God to bring me images, sounds, smells and memories of what you are experiencing beyond your spoken words.

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Spiritual Companionship For Our Times

What are the questions you are sitting with in this global pandemic? Listen to the ways some of our spiritual companions are walking alongside others.