Renaissance 2021 – A New Season of Growth for Spiritual Companionship


Steven Crandell

Can you hear it? 
There in your heart. 
A vibration. 
A resonance. 
A song. 
It heralds a fresh start – 
a greening, a blossoming, an awakening. 

Be still: 
Can you feel it brush gently past your skin –  
like the first warm breeze of spring after the privations of winter?  
It’s the invigorating whisper of hope –   
an invitation to begin exploring again 
after a season of suffering, darkness and seclusion.

Open your heart:
Imagine the transforming connection you feel when you connect with God or the Universe, 
When you hold space for another human being’s self-discovery, 
When you no longer feel separate from love.  
That’s it.  
The alignment. The knowing. The oneness.  
That’s the inspiration for Renaissance 2021. 

Steven Crandell

Steven Crandell

Steven Crandell is the director of content and communities for SDI. He guides SDI’s storytelling and local community-building — on our website, our blog, social media, in our webinars and through our SDI Communities program. He sees spiritual companions as the catalyst in an ongoing “contemplative revolution.” His unofficial job title is “Director of Encouragement.”


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