Mystical Spiritual Companionship

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A 12-part exploration of the mystical ground that supports our calling as spiritual companions

How does our deeply contemplative relationship with God, the Universe, and our true essence, inform our work as spiritual companions?

And how do our companionees benefit from contemplative immersion as they make their way towards greater spiritual insight and maturity?

These, and other important questions, will be tackled from varied vantage points by leading practitioners of our calling.

How can we understand our place in infinity and what does that mean?

What to Expect

Living into the big questions: Why are we here? What is our place in the universe?


Twelve live weekly 2-hour courses, Wednesdays beginning September 14, 2022 and concluding on November 30, 2022. Sessions will occur over Zoom each Wednesday from 1pm PDT to 3:00pm PDT. To find your start time based on time zone, click here.

Students can participate live or watch at their convenience later.

Mysticism is a form of ultimate experiencing, the greatest portal to our union and communion with forever; with all that was, is, and will be.


Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS

Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares

El Reverendo Seifu es Director Ejecutivo de SDI y sacerdote budista Zen ordenado, así como director/compañero espiritual practicante y orador motivacional. Es un veterano de numerosas iniciativas interreligiosas e inter-espirituales a lo largo de los años, incluyendo “Seeds of Compassion” (Semillas de Compasión) en Seattle en el 2008, donde fue uno de los presidentes, y como fundador y Director Ejecutivo de “Compassionate Action Network”. Tiene un Máster en estudios teológicos de la Universidad de Harvard. El Reverendo Seifu es orador y conferencista universitario y colaborador clave con la Fundación Nacional de Becas Woodrow Wilson. En su vida anterior, también fue ejecutivo de Microsoft, donde cultivó exitosamente grupos y divisiones internacionales y proporcionó liderazgo a equipos multi-culturales en todo el mundo.

Rev. Seifu is an accomplished speaker and university lecturer and is a key contributor for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. In a previous life, he was also an executive at Microsoft, where he successfully grew international groups and divisions and provided leadership to multi-cultural teams around the world.


Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award-winning teacher and author of over thirty-six books on religion and spirituality. A rabbinic chaplain with the U.S. Air Force for three years, a congregational rabbi for twenty years, and a professor of religious studies for ten years, Rabbi Rami currently codirects the One River Foundation, a 501(c)3 educational institution devoted to perennial wisdom (www.oneriverfoundation.org). Rami is also a Contributing Editor at Spirituality and Health magazine where he writes the Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler column for the print magazine, the Spirituality & column for the digital magazine, and hosts the magazine’s bi-weekly podcast, Spirituality & Health with Rabbi Rami (www.spiritualityhealth.com). Rami’s personal website is www.rabbirami.com

Imam Jamal Rahman

Imam Jamal Rahman is a popular speaker on Islam, Sufi spirituality, and interfaith relations. Along with his Interfaith Amigos, he has been featured in the New York Times, CBS News, BBC, and various NPR programs. Jamal is co-founder and Muslim Sufi minister at Interfaith Community Sanctuary and adjunct faculty at Seattle University. He is a former co-host of Interfaith Talk Radio and travels nationally and internationally, presenting at retreats and workshops.

Jamal’s passion lies in interfaith community building. He remains rooted in his Islamic tradition and cultivates a “spaciousness” by being open to the beauty and wisdom of other faiths. By authentically and appreciatively understanding other paths, Jamal feels that he becomes a better Muslim. This spaciousness is not about conversion but about completion. 

More faculty will be announced in the coming weeks!

Esquema del Curso

We will announce our Course Outline very soon.


24 CEU credits available.


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