Awakening Joy – Cultivating Spiritual Presence For Yourself and Those You Companion

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This workshop is designed to provide spiritual directors and companions with practical tools and techniques to access and amplify positive emotional states, so that your state of being becomes a radiant and safe sanctuary for all who come to you.​

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Awakening Joy

Cultivating Spiritual Presence for Yourself
and Those You Companion

A powerful and practical workshop developed specifically for spiritual directors and companions.


Harry Pickens


July 5, 12, 19, 26 & August 2, 2023
11am to 12:30pm Pacific 
2pm to 3:30pm Eastern 


7.5 hours (total)


Webinar will be recorded.

As a spiritual director, your work is centered around helping others deepen their connection with their higher power and find meaning in their lives. But in order to effectively guide others, it's important to cultivate your own spiritual presence.

The workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools and techniques to access and amplify positive emotional states, so that your state of being becomes a radiant and safe sanctuary for all who come to you.

Through our exploration of the science of positive emotion, you’ll learn about the benefits of cultivating joy, gratitude, and love – key components of the spiritual journey. 

We’ll also dive into the science of psychosensory neuromodulation – using sensory input to catalyze positive shifts in the brain – providing simple yet powerful techniques to access and amplify positive emotional states. With practice, these tools enable you to bring a greater sense of presence and positivity to your interactions with others.

As a spiritual director, you understand the potential dangers of bypassing negative emotions. In the workshop, we’ll explore ways to access and amplify authentically positive states of being without supporting disassociation, denial, or avoidance. Through this work, you’ll be able to better guide your clients towards a more holistic, grounded and meaningful spiritual journey.

Forgiveness and reconciliation are also key components of the spiritual journey. Together, we’ll explore how working with elevated states of consciousness can catalyze forgiveness and deeper connections. You’ll also learn how learning to access and cultivate joy can help your directees build stronger relationships and navigate conflict more skillfully. .

Ultimately, our goal in the Awakening Joy workshop is to help you sustainably connect with the source of boundless joy that resides at the center of your being. As you do this,  you’ll be even more powerfully equipped to guide others on their  spiritual journeys.


√Gain a deeper understanding of the science of positive emotion and its benefits for spiritual growth;

√Deepen your capacity to cultivate joy, gratitude, and love within yourself  – even in the presence of change, crisis, and catastrophe – and more skillfully catalyze these states in others.

√Learn how to avoid bypassing negative emotions as you guide directees to access authentically positive states of being;

√Explore ways to bring more joy, presence and harmony into your daily life;

√Learn how to more readily access your own inner wisdom and guidance;

√Develop a stronger connection with your own higher power;

√Learn how to integrate the principles of positive emotion into your own spiritual practice; and

√Gain practical tools and techniques to help you guide others on their spiritual journeys.


The webinar series will run 5 consecutive Wednesdays: July 5, 12, 19, 26, and August 2, 11AM Seattle/Los Angeles, 1PM Chicago, 2PM New York, 11 PM London; Thursdays: July 6, 13, 20, 27: 6 AM Hong Kong, 8 AM Sydney, Australia.

Find your own local time here.

Each session is recorded so you can watch at your convenience. In-person attendance is encouraged, but not required.


Harry Pickens

Harry is an award-winning musician, educator, and life transformation coach. He  holds practitioner and trainer certifications in EFT and Spiritual Technology and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center. He is the developer of the From StageFright To Standing Ovation™, From Burnout To Bliss™ and Rewire Your Brain For Inner Peace™ Workshops, and creator of Emotional Empowerment For Personal Mastery™, a step-by-step protocol that is designed to help his clients quickly and easily release the pain of the past, fully embrace the miracle of the present moment, and consciously create their best possible future. Harry was a recent presenter in the SDI Trauma and Wellness Course for Spiritual Directors and Companions.

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