SDI Education Disclaimer

Disclaimer: SDI offers educational opportunities that are intended to expand your understanding of spiritual companionship/direction and the multifaceted ways it can render service in the world. SDI educational opportunities are not intended to serve as free standing “spiritual direction/companion formation” programs. SDI does not provide any form of certification or credentialing for an individual to become a spiritual companion or director. We invite all program participants who are not trained in spiritual companionship/direction to formally pursue their education through spiritual direction and/or companionship training, in ways that are appropriate and relevant to their core tradition or spiritual orientation, and that are in keeping with the hallmarks of an authentic spiritual companion/director.  There are a number of  spiritual direction/companion formation programs listed on the “Find a Spiritual Companion” on this website.  SDI does not endorse any particular program, and encourages those who are interested in obtaining training to perform all adequate due diligence before proceeding.