Awakening the Creative Spirit

Awakening the Creative Spirit

Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction by Betsey Beckman and Christine Valters Paintner

This new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and spiritual formation and religious education specialists.


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“… [A]n inspiring and regenerating piece of work that teaches the intrinsic significance of the arts and the value of engaging body, mind and spirit in creative pursuit of awakening the Holy that resides within.”

Rebecca Bradburn Langer, DMin, Adjunct Faculty, San Francisco
Theological Seminary Program in Christian Spirituality.

“Christine Valters Paintner and Betsey Beckman showcase the gifts of storytelling, imagination, dance, visual art, music, movement, poetry and presence. Through a gentle weaving of their insightful work, with reflections from workshop participants and the community of spiritual directors, the authors prepare a dazzling palette for discovery and deepening.”

Marianne Hieb, RSM, ATR, MFA, DMin, Director of Lourdes Wellness Spirituality Program,
and author of Inner Journeying through Art-Journaling.

“I put this at the top of the list as required reading for spiritual directors and spiritual formation classes. The clear, foundational writing introduces ‘art in service to the soul.’ Brimming with multiple art forms, we get to hear the voices of [spiritual] directors and [spiritual] directees who are profoundly affected by the arts. This book is the next best thing to learning directly from such wise, inspiring teachers.”

Cynthia Winton-Henry, cofounder of InterPlay®, author of
Dance–A Sacred Art, and What the Body Wants.

“Replete with exercises, examples, stories, and resources, Awakening the Creative Spirit offers the most comprehensive guide to date on how to develop the `spark of divine creativity’ embedded in us all. Those of us engaged in teaching the art of spiritual direction will find in it a beautiful introduction to the arts as the `language of the soul.'”

Mary Rose Bumpus, RSM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Spirituality,
School of Theology and Ministry Seattle University.

“We have been far too left-brained, verbal, and linear in our attempts to transform and mature actual people–intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Here we have two women filling the tragic gap–and beautifully so! Spiritual direction is the growing edge of ministry today and this excellent book will surely direct that growth.”

Father Richard Rohr, OFM

“Word, image, music, dance: this book provides a rich vocabulary for entering more deeply into conversation and communion with the One who gives us the arts as path to knowing God.”

Jan Richardson, artist and author,
In Wisdom’s Path: Discovering the Sacred in Every Season.


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