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“The practices of spiritual direction and companionship are acts of presencing, witnessing and listening at their core. Thus the name of our beloved journal. …And so it is with our calling. We are continuously invited to reconsider our perspectives and those of the people who we companion, to be receptive and mindful in our responses when they are solicited, to be attentive to the quality of our mirroring, and to be nimble and supportive at all times.”

— From this issue's Focus, by Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares



Dr Marlene Marburg PhD

Writing a personal narrative of burnout is personally challenging. I am writing this to offer some autoethnographic input to the experience of burnout, to examine some questions which emerge from that experience, and to wonder why so many people suffer from it.


Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS

The practices of spiritual direction and companionship are acts of presencing, witnessing and listening at their core. Thus the name of our beloved journal.

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Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS

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Presencia: Una Publicación Internacional sobre la Dirección Espiritual is published in March, June, September, and December. Presencia offers a forum among diverse people and spiritual traditions for the exploration of present and future trends in the art and ministry of spiritual direction. Presencia is grounded in the belief that our deepest calling is to be present to one another as we share the gift of ourselves. Presencia strives to articulate the essential elements of contemplative practices, formation, and training; to encourage accountability; and to develop clear ethical guidelines. Presencia supports a global contemplative dialog of spiritual care and compassion for others, ourselves, and the whole cosmos. ISSN 1081-7662.

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