Volume 27, Number 2
June 2021


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"When a mystical experience triggers a psychospiritual crisis, the person will eventually emerge with both a higher level of daily functioning and improved mental health and well-being compared to prior levels before the experience. Recent studies have documented that mystical and spiritually transformative experiences are not only nonpathological but also potentially beneficial.”


Rob Culhane


There are many Thomas Mertons, due to the mystique that surrounds him and the desire by his admirers to enlist him to their various political and ecclesial programs. Merton’s persona is, in part, the result of his own willingness to allow it to be cultivated.


Nick Wagner

When I was in high school, I had some vague notion that I’d wind up working for a small business like a restaurant or a theater company. As I transitioned from high school to college, I had spiritual awakening and decided to dedicate my life to ministry. Ministry, after all, is a higher calling for the spiritually woke. Well, that’s what I thought when I was eighteen.

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Artist Spotlight

Linda King Ferguson

Cover Artist Interview

Leah Oates

“Time is layered and not frozen into one single moment. Photography is directly connected to time as the camera shoots in fractions of a second.  Time is always slipping and fracturing from the present, past and future.  We are often living in all these levels at once.  But when we’re not, we experience flow—or an absence of time.  Multiple exposures are close to the experience of “flow.” When I look at a moment in time, I “feel” more than can be recorded with a simple click of the shutter. I use multiple exposures on film to record a more accurate picture of how we can recall time transpiring. ” 

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