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SDI offers a number of print and digital media platforms to inform, engage, and inspire spiritual companions in their work and their practice. We invite you to browse our resources below; to read, listen, write, reflect, and delight.

Presencia: Una Publicación Internacional sobre el Compañerismo Espiritual is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes thought-provoking articles on topics of interest to spiritual directors and everyone interested in creating healing, peace, and justice through spiritual companionship. The goal of Presence is to identify current trends in the field, to provide background and resources for spiritual companions and those they companion, and to look ahead at what might be developing in the future. Presence is published in March, June, September, and December. Currently, Presence is read by more than seven-thousand subscribers and members of SDI, and can be found in major theological libraries and formation and training centers around the world. Digital Presence is included with SDI membership at no extra charge. 

Vínculos (Member Newsletter) offers a round-table forum where members of SDI tell stories about their work, their experiences, their innovations, their heartbreaks and their hopes.

Vínculos is published in February, May, August, and November.

Afíliate a to begin receiving this beautiful newsletter written by, and expressly for, those who provide the vital service of spiritual companionship.

Contempla – a free digital publication that invites all of us into everyday encounters with our Ground of Being.

This simple and inviting publication includes short articles, original artwork, poetry, and global resource announcements. It is read around the world by more than 18,000 people.

For anyone who is interested in spiritual companionship and wants to learn more, this is a great place to start.

Contempla is available to read by anyone, and is published digitally in January, April, July, and October.

Refugio Digital is our free monthly email offering news, practical tips and inspiration about the world of spiritual direction. It’s for everyone. Do you feel wonder in nature? Do you sense the truth in intuition? Do you sometimes wonder why you are here and what you have to give? The good news is that the journey of the Spirit is not something you must do alone. Spiritual Directors International exists to encourage every soul on the planet to find personalized spiritual companionship. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. And “Discover” is your passport to joining the most welcoming community of spirit on earth. Join us.

Our podcast series, Encuentros en SDI, offers a wide range of perspectives, stories, interviews and conversations centered on spiritual direction and spiritual care. New episodes published weekly.

La dirección espiritual o el compañerismo inspiran a las personas a experimentar autenticidad en sus vidas al conectarse y explorar el terreno de todo ser, esa más profunda de las verdades que está más allá de la vida y la muerte y conocida por muchos nombres, incluyendo Dios, y ningún nombre en absoluto.

The spiritual companions of SDI share their stories on our blog. Receive nourishment, learn a new practice, and gain insight into the healing modality of spiritual companionship through one of the stories shared within.

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