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                                        OCTOBER 2022  VOLUME 16  ISSUE 4

                 RADICAL COMPANIONS

                                by Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares

                egardless  of whether we describe  occasional  trifle,  but  a  serious,  determined
                ourselves     as    Spiritual     Directors, commitment  and undertaking.  Given the
        RCompanions, Guides, or some other  intention we place on it,  this invites further
        designation,  all  authentic practitioners  of  our  reflection on what characterizes the relationship
        calling share common elements, some of which  we have with our directees, companionees, or
        we previously  discussed here:  https://www. those we guide, or walk alongside.
        listen-2020-04.pdf                                     In some  sense,  our  relationships  are  ones  of
                                                               “radical companioning,” that is even beyond
        In this context we often say things like:  the  type  of  intimacy  that  one  finds  between
        “spiritual direction is not going to a bar with  lovers, or a mother and her child, or other sorts
        some friends,  and discussing  God over  a few  of  more  recognizable  “intimacy,”  no  matter
        drinks.”  By which we mean  that  it is not  an  how profound these can be.
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                  “Our relationship is

      truly ‘radical’ because our

              communion will stop

                   at nothing until we

            remember that we are                                                                                          Illustration by Matt Whitney

        spiritually authentic only

                  beyond ourselves.”

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