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                  COMPA N ION S Listen

                     OCTOBER 2021  VOLUME 15  ISSUE 4

                                               MIRACLES BEYOND OURSELVES

                                                 A miracle is normally defined as something out of the ordinary,
                                                 inexplicable, astonishing and wondrous, supernatural even, at
                                                 least from our standard frame of reference.

                                                 Unsurprisingly, a little etymological digging reveals a Greek root,
                                                         “semeion,” or “something beyond itself.”

                                                         But before we can get to “beyond,” we need to establish
                                                         what we mean by “normal.”

                                                                   And there is the rub, because for most of us,
                                                                   “normal” means brushing by, unmindfully,
                                                                   not realizing or acknowledging everything
                                                                   before us, as we rush frantically to our next
                                                                   destination, wherever and whatever it might
                                                                                be.  In the process, everything
                                                                                dissipates, and in our frenzy, we
                                                                                end up running around with our
                                                                                eyes closed, usually with a spiritual
                                                                                and existential complaint: “I am
                                                                                blind! I am blind! I can’t see!  Please
                                                                                help me!”  Unfortunately, almost
                                                                                everyone around us is stuck in the
                                                                                same paradox, and we all know that
                                                                                the blind can’t lead the blind.  Or at
                                                                                least, shouldn’t.

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