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                  COMPA N ION S Listen

                           JULY 2021  VOLUME 15  ISSUE 3

                                        HEEDING THE CALL

        What does it mean to be called to be a spiritual       of redress can set things right—heeding the
        director or companion?                                 call.  Responding to it can then finally begin
                                                               to wear down our most obdurate qualms by
        Rummaging through some old grad school essays          replacing them with a deep sense of purpose
        in anticipation of a move, I came across the           and conviction, allowing us to rise to the highest
        following, which although written over 30 years        pinnacle of our being: the effort to align with
        ago for my spiritual director at the time, a priest    ultimate mystery, which we variously call God or
        with the Weston Jesuit School of Theology, still       the Universe.
        resonates with me:
                                                               Here we seek to replace our own perspectives
        “The foundation or backdrop for feeling called is      with broader, bigger ones, infinite ones actually,
        one of intense doubt, uncertainty and confusion.       those far beyond our rational understanding.  And
        In fact, this doubt is so entrenched, the distress     while we may struggle to define the experience
        or the confusion that the world exhibits so deeply  with our words, we  feel and intuitively
        felt, and our own shortcomings and inadequacies        apprehend Love as our ultimate purpose, with
        so painfully obvious that only an extreme form         great certainty.”

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