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                    SPIRITUAL                            Listen

                         APRIL 2020  VOLUME 14  ISSUE 2



     Spiritual companions and directors are fortunate to   •   Contemplative grounding. A prayerful, medita-
     accompany those who seek our aid as they unspool         tive, immersive approach. One that acknowledg-
     and discern their own unique sense of God, the           es that in order to access the Beyond, we must
     Universe, or however they might refer to the essence     use channels beyond our rationality. And that
     of all. We are like mountain guides facilitating the     we need to keep going back, over and over, to
     ascent, reinforcing the growing skills of our coun-      that wellspring;
     terparts, as well as appreciating the transcendent
     scenery from the top, which is different for each of   •   Good discernment. We are intuitives, and quiet
     us, even when we are right next to each other.           guides. We provide reasoned feedback (only
                                                              when asked!), and we also try to evince balance
     But what exactly are the skills that we bring to         and equanimity at all times.
                                                          •   Accountable. To ourselves, to the communities
     A couple of years ago, an SDI committee conclud-         we serve, and to our supervisors, who help keep
     ed its work on a “Portrait of a Spiritual Director,”     us honest.
     the latest in an ongoing set of iterations where we
     consider the universal distinguishing hallmarks of   •   Lifelong learners. We are committed to con-
     spiritual companions, independently of our faith         stantly learning (sometimes the same lessons,
     traditions or spiritual orientations.                    again and again, until they finally sink in).

     In the last couple of months I have had the opportu-  •   Respect agency. We honour the unique charac-
     nity to engage in a couple of deep dives allowing me     ter of each person we encounter, and we try to
     to more thoroughly consider some other characteris-      leave our own predilections and inclinations to
     tics, but before embarking on those, let us recap the    the side, even when doing so is difficult, to allow
     by now familiar ones, which encompass:                   our companions to find their own way through.
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     •   Deep listening. Which is not a passive act, but
        rather a profound and supportive engagement
        with the people we companion;

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