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        …the presence of the One in the here and now, that leads to…

        intuitive intimations that there is something “beyond” as well.
        —Arthur Green. Seek My Face. p.6

        I dance this morning on the liminal  Rabbis of old tell how we walk the
        edge—                                                  boundary—

                                                               the liminal edge

        questions                                              between fields of fire and fields of
        burning                                                ice.

        with longing
                                                               Too  close  we  burn,  consumed  by
        with the absence                                       Too far, we freeze in the absence

        of answers.                                            of the Divine.

                                                               I look around—
        To my right a tiny yellow warbler

        on a trembling green stalk.
        To my left, a dandelion puff                           rivulets sing their way down the
        floats in tandem with another                          wave grandly to Queen Anne’s Lace.
        on a swell of wind.                                    Acorn shells at my feet—

                                                               tiny, perfect whorls.
        The sun comes
        and goes,                                              I am
        ever-changing palette                                  neither

        of khaki, mint, teal and lime—                         too hot

                                                               nor too cold.
        hills proclaiming the glory

        of the earth.                                          The questions

                                                               are gone.

                   Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann is a longtime SDI member, and is currently the Poetry Editor for SDI. Jinks will
                    be facilitating a 4-part webinar for SDI - Dreams, Poetry & Spiritual Direction - Tools for
                             Awakening - beginning June 18th, 2019. Join us -

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