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        continued from previous page                              We play another role as well, by being in commu-
        But it didn’t feel like a discovery, more like a re-      nion with those who come to us, and recognizing
        membrance.                                                that we are all, in fact, not separate from one anoth-
                                                                  er, but rather of the same substance.  We need one
        Years later, as a first-year student in college, I took   another to travel on the road.
        a preceptorial on World Religions, and read a book
        by Walpola Rahula entitled “What The Buddha               There is an old parable about desperately seek-
        Taught,” which would change my life profoundly.           ing the jewel of wisdom everywhere in the world,
        As I read through its pages, underscoring almost          travelling frantically here and there, toiling mightily
        every line with my hungry pencil, I thought to my-        in the process, only to discover that it was right on
        self: “there it is, that’s it!”  The words spoke to the   our foreheads all along.
        very core of my being.  It was as if I were reading my
        eternal self written into all of the pages.               We just  need to stop and be still, and remember
                                                                  what a tremendous miracle we all are.
        What both of these experiences had in common
        was the sense that I was recalling something that                           Just that.
        I already knew, flashes of recognition coursing
        through my soul, as if I were remembering not just
        my very essence, but the essence of God and The
        Universe itself.                                                            -Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares

        Many decades have passed since both of these
        events, and now that I exercise my calling on a daily
        basis, I can’t help but reflect that the core mission
        of spiritual companionship is helping others simi-
        larly recall their true essence, however they might    Listen
        perceive it.

        And although it can be described as a journey of
        discovery in some ways, it is more of a process of     PUBLISHER: Spiritual Directors International
        unveiling and revealing what has always been there.    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND EDITOR:
        Stripping away the layers of societal conditioning     Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS
        and habituation, and often of associated traumas       PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Matt Whitney
        and addictions, that have frequently become obsta-     SUBMISSIONS: [email protected]
        cles to seeing who we really are.                      ADVERTISING:
                                                               Listen is published four times a year. The names Spiritual Directors
        As spiritual companions we are not here to impose      International , SDIWorld , and SDI  and its logo are trademarks of
        our own spiritual discernments, of course, but         Spiritual Directors International, Inc., all rights reserved. Opinions and
                                                               programs represented in this publication are of the authors and advertisers
        rather to facilitate those of the people who we are    and may not represent the opinions of Spiritual Directors International, the
        honoured to walk with.  We can best accomplish         Coordinating Council, or the editors.
        this by being faithful mirrors, allowing our interloc-
        utors to see things about themselves that they don’t   We  WELCOME your feedback on any
        usually observe.  Very much akin to close friends      aspect  of this  issue  of  LISTEN,  or  on SDI
        who help us gain perspective by allowing us to
        discern our own blind spots, so that we may clear      as a whole. Please send your  comments to
        them away, and see more cleanly.                                [email protected]

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