Page 10 - Listen 13-2 FINAL
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        A rose blooms early, stretching

        soft wings against crisp winter air.

        Without shelter from cold March winds

        red leaves blacken and fall.

        The woody stalk stiffens,

        holds close the new buds.

        Petal wraps petal, snug layers

        nesting a darkened heart.

        The gardener breaths

        into each blossom:

        Holy, Holy, Holy.

        Something scared inside

        whispers back,

        In you I am sheltered;

        In you I can open

        To share my beauty.

                                                    Avi Craimer is a spiritual practitioner, meditation teacher and interfaith guide. After
                                                  earning his MA in philosophy, Avi trained in spiritual direction at the Transformational
                                                  Arts College. He teaches at and sits on board of directors of the Consciousness Explorers
                                                             Club, a meditation community in Toronto. His website is

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