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                      APRIL 2019    VOLUME 13    ISSUE 2

                                 REMEMBER YOURSELF

        As a child growing up in Brussels, I attended a Catho-  massive stained glassed windows on every edge, and
        lic school connected with (and right across the street   enraptured by the Gregorian chants emanating from
        from) the Brussels Basilica, the fifth largest Church   the Nave.  But more than any of these, I recall being
        in the world, and a vast, cavernous edifice, where we   entranced and overcome with deep feelings of con-
        often went to pray.                                    nection and longing, and being permeated by what
                                                               I would later describe as my first visceral sense of
        One of my earliest and most powerful religious mem-    immanence and transcendence.  I felt in deep commu-
        ories was walking through its majestic interiors,      nion with a force much larger and greater than myself.
        and being awed by the sheer size, hypnotized by the    And yet, ‘it’ and I were inseparable and indistinguish-
        aroma of the incense, wowed by the beauty of the       able one from the other at the same time.

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                                    Recalling Your True Essence  1  (After “The Little Boy lost” by William Blake) - Matt Whitney
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