Volume 27, Number 3
September 2021


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“Often in supervision, both parties want to present their most polished selves ... perhaps for self-protection or approval from the other. In truth, all aspects of the self are present in the supervisor relationship, some more visible than others. For supervision to offer a truly welcoming relationship and process for the spiritual companion/supervisee, it is incumbent on supervisors to continue their own learning and growth.”


When I was nine years old, my Hebrew school friend Joanne and I confided in each other that we wanted to become rabbis. We shared a feeling of deep knowing about this vocational calling, and we sat down with the senior rabbi to seek his counsel and guidance. We were unaware that women rabbis were not yet a reality in the United States in 1971. He told us with unrestrained condescension that we could not be rabbis because we were girls, but that perhaps one day we could marry a rabbi. I left his office feeling bereft. How could I feel so sure about this calling, only to hear that my gender was seen as unholy, unworthy, and incongruous with being a rabbi?


Heavy Floatiness

Nick Wagner

In the more than two decades that I’ve been editing this journal, I have encountered many discussions about the “director” part of being a spiritual director. Some of us are not so comfortable directing and would rather guide, accompany, companion, friend, or travel with spiritual seekers.

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